SuperScan 3.0

Scans the networks and displays various information about IPs
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3.0 (See all)
Foundstone Inc.
Analyzes a network or a sub-network and detects the dead or live IPs. Includes support for TCP SYN and UDP network protocols, as well as port and IP range scanning. Resolves the hostnames that are assigned to DNS servers. Host detection is improved base don the multiple ICMP methods.

A powerful connect-based TCP port scanner, pinger and hostname resolver. Multithreaded and asynchronous techniques make this program extremely fast and versatile. Perform ping scans and port scans using any IP range or specify a text file to extract addresses from. Scan any port range from a built in list or specified range. Resolve and reverse-lookup any IP address or range. Modify the port list and port descriptions using the built in editor. Connect to anydiscovered open port using user-specified 'helper' applications (e.g. Telnet, Web browser, FTP) and assign a custon helper application to any port. Save the scan list to a text file. User friendly interface. Lots more.

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